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Welcome to NAVIA LX music 

Lux Thomas Lux professional known as Navia Lx A.k.A Merah Boy is South Sudanese (East Africa) Rapper, Recording Artist, Dancer, Songwriter & entrepreneur born in 09/13/2002 in "khartoum sudan" grow up in South Sudan. 

Merah Boy start his music in 2013 with some street hip hop music group which named as "Priceless kingdom".

  First song they recorded title "Everybody get you all of" Recorded in Kick Back Studio, Second song called Money money, recorded in Dreams media Studio, third song called Do you really love it, plus mix tap 13.

2016 Navia Lx leave priceless Kingdom he started focusing on his own music in 2017.

 In 2018 he gained recognition by his song Title "Merah" genre "Hip hop Trap" recorded by producer Alexis "Quest Record" the song spread & Spread. People started calling him "Merah boy" that time Navia Lx excepted the name "Merah Boy". 

2019 Navia Lx started business with Producer "Lolly On De Beatz" he said lolly is the best hip hop, Trap Producer ever where by he recorded his first song with lolly on the beat title "Kilu kilu Ana" Genre hip hop trap follow by Couldn't Break

 2019 Navia Lx Merah boy signed with Manager "Elizabeth" & Kilkilu Ana comedy extra CEO "Mclumoex" signed him as the president of all South Sudanese Dancers.

2020 Merah Boy got nominated in Uganda 256 Hip hop Awards in a category of Best South Sudanese Rapper of the year. 

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Navia Lx - Facebook



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